Life with Boys

For many reasons, it has been a very long time since I have posted in here. I am working on a plan to increase my time here. A plan to make what has been a small business, a little bit bigger. You could say these plans are more of a dream right now but I have to start somewhere. Some day soon I will share.

Today I will post a few pictures of my boys. Life with boys is so very different than life with girls. My girls were happy to hold a pencil. My boy freaks when one is placed anywhere near him. My girls were so excited when their school readers came home. My boy breaks down when asked to get his reader out of his back pack. My girls drew and painted. My boys build and wrestle. My girls got dressed in the morning without a fight. The boys and I are in full battle every morning. I am thankful for the differences but shifting between girls and boys can sometimes be tough.

This morning I captured them just being them. Jasper had been asked to get dressed many times. I gave up and just grabbed my camera. The battle still happened but I was happy that I had a few shots of my life with boys. It was a wrestling, underwear on head, jumping on bed, kinda morning.