Photo by Eden Tullett

Photo by Eden Tullett

So here I am. I have wrinkles. I need a haircut. I am not wearing makeup. I am sitting on a rock at the cottage at sunset. My daughter is in front of me holding a camera that is a little too big for her tiny hands but she is determined to get it just right. I am happy.

I love to photograph real life. Authentic moments that make your story special and unique. I truly believe that everyone has a story that needs to be told. Even if the story is just a pile of photos left behind in a shoe box. Someone will find it. Someone will treasure it. 

When you show up to a session with me, I encourage you to just let things be. Come as you are. Wear your comfy jeans. Let your kids wear theirs. Connect with each other and forget I am there. Love, play, have fun and relax. If we are shooting in your home, leave the piles, don't worry about the decor, and enjoy your morning coffee.

Let's get your story told.

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